R & D

R&D Affairs Across the Globe in Collaborative Nature


Fostering Collaborations among Biomedical

Engineers and Physicians with Years of Experience.


Extends surgical expertise and patient-oriented methodologies.


Applies Biomechanics to establish strength and safety of the Products.


Clinical and Design Development Via Laboratories Based in Worldwide Locations. 

TESSLIFT strives to offer inspired solutions that go beyond quality medical devices. Converting medical device features into specific product designs is the cornerstone of our R&D. These particular R&D activities are established through laboratories in global locations including ZISHEL Laboratoire, France and TESSLIFT affiliate laboratories, South Korea.  Our clinical research work reflects the unison between state-of-the-art research leg by US Biomedical Engineers and surgeons worldwide.

Delivery of Effective Treatments and Innovative Activities to Fulfill Corporate Mission.

TESSLIFT combines innovative science with rigorous development of operational activities to target unmet medical needs worldwide. We make an unending commitment to assure both patients and organizations that they are receiving the highest quality product possible.



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